Mtunzini Residents Association



Why Join?

As part of our drive to recruit members, we think it’s important that everyone in the village is aware of what the MRA achieves, and aims to achieve.
• The MRA funds and monitors closely the patrolling of the village by iMvula which works for the MRA as a proactive response vehicle, patrolling the village and responding to callouts from members wherever they are in the village.
The MRA's involvement in village security, headed by Steve Hermann, includes working closely with the SAPS, providing funding for special purposes such as information sourcing and other crime fighting initiatives which the police are unable to fulfill alone.
• The Security Hut, built by the MRA at the entrance to the village, is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras and has a 12 hour guard. This requires funding on an ongoing basis.
• The MRA has fought rates increases on behalf of residents for several years now and in 2009 the proposed rates increases were reduced from 28% to 8%.
ALL RATEPAYERS benefited financially from this reduction, not just MRA members. Most residents saved enough as a result of this rates reduction to more than pay for a year’s subscription to the MRA. The MRA has also successfully applied pressure to get unrealistic valuations reviewed and reduced. This year rates were kept to a 6% increase with discounts for pensioners. Clearly the voice of a residents association is much stronger than those of individuals.
• We send regular emails keeping residents up to date on local affairs and security matters, also giving information on municipal matters that affect us, charity events and talks – and of course lost pets, keys etc.!

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How to Join?

There are two membership options:
• MRA membership including iMvula Security service for residents who don’t have their own monitored alarm
• MRA membership for residents who are monitored by Chubb or Security Works
In order to pay for the iMvula patrol vehicle, it is essential that as many residents as possible join the MRA.
The membership options and rates are as follows:
• Full MRA membership including iMvula Security services – R181.50/month.
• MRA membership for residents with their own security response service – R143 a month.

Pensioners may apply for a special rate of R105/month which includes iMvula security service.

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 What is the MRA?
The MRA is an association to benefit residents of Mtunzini and to specifically provide information on, or lobby on their behalf, in terms of the following:
  • Security issues
  • Development issues concerning Mtunzini
  • Municipal matters – providing a mouthpiece for communication between the residents and the local authorities
  • Budget and rates issues
  • Service delivery issues
  • To provide inputs into plans (eg the Integrated Development Plan) that are being prepared for Mtunzini/uMlalazi
  • To take appropriate measures to deal with any other legitimate issues concerning ratepayers and residents

We believe it’s important for the MRA to have as many members as possible in order to have a strong and united voice in local affairs and the resources to represent the interests of the community on important issues such as security,
land use management, rates increases etc.

The MRA is served by a committee of unpaid volunteers which aims to carry out the objectives of the association. It is very much a community organisation and anyone who wishes to become involved and help the committee is encouraged to offer their assistance.

Objectives of the MRA
  • To provide a forum for the ratepayers and residents of Mtunzini to raise, discuss and seek assistance on any matter which directly or indirectly affects, or may affect, them or their investment in Mtunzini
  • To provide a mouthpiece for communication between the Association, the uMlalazi Municipality, provincial and/or central government and any other body or organisation deemed appropriate by the committee
  • To take appropriate measures to deal with legitimate issues concerning the ratepayers and residents
  • To promote and assist responsible growth and development in Mtunzini
  • To monitor and improve service delivery via municipal structures
  • To provide strategic inputs into the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for the uMlalazi Municipality
  • To encourage community participation in the affairs of Mtunzini
MRA-funded iMvula Security

How does the MRA get involved in town security?

Relative to some parts of the country, Mtunzini is still a fairly crime-free area and we aim to keep it that way. Criminals mustn’t think that our village is an easy target.

In order to supplement the services of the Mtunzini SAPS, and also of the private, re-active security services (Chubb and Security Works), the MRA has established a pro-active crime prevention service for the village through the employment of iMvula.
The majority of the MRA membership fee income is dedicated to this pro-active security service. Steve Hermann, who heads up the security portfolio on the MRA committee, plays a key role in promoting and monitoring safety and security in Mtunzini.

This involves coordinating and liaising with the various security service providers operating in the village, assisting with information gathering and generally providing an additional set of 'eyes and ears on the ground' through the patrol vehicle and the security camera set up by the MRA at the entrance to the village.

This helps not only with crime prevention, but with catching criminals if a crime has been committed. Significant success has been achieved over the years, with a lower crime rate relative to other areas.
Even if you are already linked to the reactive service provided by Security Works or Chubb, we need your help to sustain the MRA’s pro-active security initiatives. Without more community financial support – and that means YOU, whether you are a business or a private individual, or both - the MRA won’t be able to maintain its campaign against crime.

Services provided by iMvula to MRA Members include:
• Monitoring of suspicious vehicles and pedestrians entering Mtunzini by means of a permanent guard and camera system at the main road into town
• 24 hour patrolling of the village and an emergency help line should you need emergency security assistance
• Follow up of housebreakings with attempts to recover stolen goods using iMvula and their tracker dogs, if necessary
• SMS Alert system to alert residents of any occurrences in real time.
• The MRA security initiative liaises closely with Farm Watch.

Why bother to patrol the village and have a private security company?

The MRA security initiative was started in 2003 after a resident was murdered in his home. It is our responsibility as residents to make sure that our houses, as well as the streets of Mtunzini, are as safe as possible – in particular for the elderly and our children.

Apart from the obvious importance of human life, if Mtunzini were to be perceived as a place where it is no longer safe to live, this would have a massive impact on our quality of life, as well as negatively affecting our property values.

Criminals need to be aware that Mtunzini is not an easy target. All MRA members have a sign on their gate or wall showing that the household contributes to keeping the village safe. We would really like to achieve 100% membership so that everyone takes responsibility for, and shares in the costs of providing a safe and secure environment.

What other security initiatives are there?

In addition to the above, Steve Hermann arranges a 'Dad’s Army' at various times during the year when crime rates tend to peak, (eg, at holiday times and usually around Christmas), with residents volunteering in two’s to patrol the streets at night from 10pm to about 4am.


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Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact the MRA office:

072 369 3469
035 340 2429




Jeremy Nottingham

Bernice van der Meijden

Benno Smith

Quinten Viviers

Di Cameron

Municipal Liaison:
Graham Henderson

Marlene Smit

Development Portfolio:
Wendy Forse

Ezemvelo Liaison:
Roger Flowers
Annemarie Tait
ndy Forse

PR and Marketing:

Gael MuirPortfolio:











  Communication policy
  1. The Communications Policy will be managed and implemented by the member of the Committee in charge of the Communications Portfolio (MRA Communications Member), but subject always to the approval of the Committee
  2. Primarily, emails will be sent to members only (“Dear Member of the MRA” …)
  3. Occasional emails will be sent to non-members as well (“Dear Non-member of the MRA….”), depending on the subject; these can be used as an opportunity to encourage non-members to join
  4. When emails are to be circulated, the author should stipulate and motivate whether they are to go to members or non-members or both; otherwise, the MRA Communications Member will decide. The principle is that we need to nurture our members and also, hopefully, encourage non-members to join when they realise they are missing out on information
  5. The MRA has over the years compiled a list of email addresses belonging to residents (both members and non-members). This list is considered confidential, in that the MRA will not provide any other organisation or person with this list which is only to be used in relation to the main purposes of the MRA as mentioned above
  6. The MRA is aware of the fact that residents do not want to receive additional unsolicited emails on commercial or other events; residents should be confident that emails received from the MRA are only those that have a direct concern to them as residents and ratepayers
  7. Accordingly, the MRA will only send out emails to residents regarding security issues, matters of interest and concern to residents, development issues of relevance to Mtunzini, information from the Municipality and any other Government body that is of concern or which will affect residents - including budget, rates and service delivery issues.
  8. In addition, the MRA will send out e-mails that will assist:
  • Residents in terms of lost and found pets as well as lost and found keys or other valuables and also in terms of other personal requests like lifts etc
  • Churches, sports or other clubs and associations in the village by circulating information about planned events. Through this advertising, the MRA would like to encourage community participation in these events
  • The MRA does, however, reserve the right to send out e-mails if there are any special circumstances, where it is felt that residents need to know about an issue, other than those mentioned above. These special circumstances will be decided by the MRA Committee as a whole
  • Copies of important emails will be posted in Spar and Brink Properties for the information of those who do not receive emails
  • The MRA Communications Member will acknowledge emails received by MRA Communications and direct them to the relevant portfolio manager and other Committee members as necessary.