2009 National Election   

ANC emerges clear winner in
'Zini and uMlalazi voting districts

For the first time since the first democratic election in 1994, the African National Congress has emerged as the clear winner in both the Mtunzini and uMlalazi voting districts - winning more than 56 percent of the votes in the municipal area.
The other surprising result has been the significant decline of support for the IFP in the area.

In the last national election in 2004, the Inkatha Freedom Party easily took the uMlalazi voting district with more than 71% of the vote. In the 2009 election that support has dropped to 38%, leaving the race wide open for the municipal elections in 2011.
While initial results in Mtunzini showed the DA winning with a clear majority at the Mtunzini Town Hall, it was clear by the time that all votes were counted that it had failed dismally in making any gains in the voting districts falling under the Tribal Authorities.
It failed to get more than 13 votes in the three outlaying voting stations which together with the Mtunzini Town Hall constitute the Mtunzini Voting District.
The DA got one vote out of a total of 728 ballots cast at Sabeka Community Hall;
it got nine votes at Amasango voting station and only three votes at the SA Sugar Association voting station. In the municipal area it won less than three percent of the total vote.


A total of 1 325 voters cast their ballots in the Mtunzini Town Hall on voting day, of which 732 voted for the DA, 372 voted for the ANC and only 108 voted for the IFP. There were five spoilt votes.
Trailing far behind were three other parties: ACDP with 33 votes, The Freedom Front Plus with 30 votes and COPE with 27 votes.
The Independent Democrats only managed to get two votes, after gaining 49 in the 2004 National Election. This drop reflects a national voting trend away from smaller opposition parties with more voters giving the major opposition parties their support.
The remaining fringe parties shared 16 votes. Many parties, including KISS and the Minority Front, did not get any votes.

2009 National Elections - Voting results at Mtunzini Town Hall
   2004 National Election - Mtunzini Town Hall
2009 Provincial Elections @ Mtunzini Town Hall:
New trends detected in voting patterns
The DA scored the highest votes at the Mtunzini Town Hall polling station for Provincial Elections but it did not gain a clear majority as it did in the National Election. Its 14 percent gain was at the expense of the IFP which went from being the winner in the 2004 Provincial poll to third place with a 50 percent drop in support.
The results reflects an interesting pattern of DA voters still splitting their Provincial vote with the IFP but not on the same scale as they did in 2004. In the National Election the IFP won 108 votes as compared to the 218 votes (an extra 110 votes) it got in the Provincial election. In the 2004 election, the IFP got 192 votes at National level and 364 at Provincial level.
This seems to be following opposition voting trends across the country in which opposition supporters are consolidating behind the DA.
A Kiss for JZ but Jozini gives the biggest KISS
Ever wondered who votes for those silly political parties that you only become aware of for the first time when you unfold the voting ballot inside the voting booth?
Well rest assured, those parties have friends in the strangest places . . .
In Jozini, the Keep it Straight and Simple Party (also known as the KISS Party) emerged as the third most popular political party after the ANC and IFP. It even won three times more votes than the DA despite the DA erecting one of the biggest billboards of its campaign in the centre of the sprawling Jozini spaza market.
In fact, of the 5,440 South Africans who wanted the country to be ruled by KISS, more than 600 live in Jozini alone - making it (by far) the warm heart of KISS country.
But Jozini residents were not the only voters feeling amorous on voting day, one voter at Mtunzini Town Hall did not mark her/his vote with the traditional cross but instead wrote 'I love you' next to the smiling face of the new president of South Africa.
The vote was not spoilt as the voter's intentions were declared clear to all monitors and IEC officials.


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