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Mtunzini's Orange Bag Recycling Project is a joint partnership between
Mpact Recycling and
the Mtunzini Conservancy

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Two-Thirds of
all your garbage
can be recycled





When you throw things away,
you are also throwing away
the materials, time and energy
used to make them.
Also, you are sending them to landlfill,
which is a waste of
land and transport resources
Use your Orange garbie bag for:

Paper: Newspapers, magazines,
office paper, cardboard, packaging,
Tetra Brik milk and juice cartons

Plastic: Shopping bags, bottles (cold
drinks, cleaning products etc) and
packaging. Look for the recycle label

Cans: Beverage and food
Glass bottles:
Drink and food bottles only.
Use Blue Bins at the Mtunzini Country
Club OR place in a cardboard box
and leave with your other garbage
bags on the pavement
Computer ink cartridges:
Nakop Technology in Rosewell Centre, Hely Hutchingson St will recycle them

Lead acid batteries can be
dropped at Battery Centre in
Empangeni for recycling
Use vegetable waste from your
kitchen to make
compost for your garden

 Recycling News

Mtunzini can deliver
The Orange Bag Project run by Mpact Recycling (the largest paper recyclers in the country) together with the Mtunzini Conservancy continues to save our Municipality expensive transport and landfill fees while the revenue from Mpact collections supports local employment. The Mtunzini Conservancy has sponsored a trailer for the collection of material for recycling and has also put the driver through driving school. Salaries of the recycling staff are subsidised by recycling revenue.

Please familiaries yourself with what products are recycleable as shown on the list below.
Bottles, cans cardboard and paper can be delivered to the respective bins and igloo at the backof Raphia Centre in Station Rd. Please do not contaminate the area with general rubbish. Cardboard and paper can aslo be droppd off at the green igloo at the Mtunzini Primiary School.
SPAR sells the orange recycling bags at cost price in a bid to promote recycling in Mtunzini.

Make recycling part of your life. SPAR displays everyday products with recyclable packaging.

Bheki Dube, foreman of Siyangena’s Mtunzini crew,
fills a skip ready for recycling.
How to become a recycler:
10 easy steps
Step 1 Buy your orange garbage bags from SPAR at their special low, low prices
Step 2 Familiarise yourself with what can be recycled. Check the lists below
Step 3 Separate your waste and rinse all empty food containers. Place all the recyclables in the orange bag
Step 4 Goods which cannot be recycled are to be placed in standard black municipal garbage bags
Step 5 On refuse collection day, place both the orange and the black bags on the kerbside for removal
Step 6 Place glass bottles in a box and either place them with your refuse bags or take them to the bottle recycling depot at the Mtunzini Country Club
Step 7 Large amounts of cardboard and paper will be collected by Mondi on Wednesdays
Step 8 Be proud for doing your bit for a better environment
Step 9 Encourage friends and neighbours to do the same
Step 10 Start making a compost heap at the bottom of the garden with your vegetable waste
Recycling tips 
computer paper
used photocopy paper
windowless envelopes
old telephone directories
pale coloured paper
cardboard (flattened) and placed next to
Mpact paper igloo

broken glass can be delivered to the collection point at the Raphia Centre
cigarette stompies
carbon paper
organic matter
plastic wrapping
tissue or paper towels
sweet/chip wrappers
yoghurt cartons
waxed cartons used for frozen foods
. . . or anything you are not sure of

 Share your recycling tips with us . . .
What to do with tyres is always a problem. Here are some ideas.


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